Artist Statement

I paint with beeswax, a propane torch and razor blades.

I began experimenting with the ancient technique of encaustic painting after learning about Colony Collapse Disorder and the disappearance of honey bees. Encaustic painting dates back to the 5th century B.C. and involves fusing together numerous layers of molten beeswax, tree resin and pigments. The three dimensional depth that can be created by fusing together numerous layers of wax on top of each other allows light to bounce off and through the translucent surface.

My art examines perspective and the order of things, both in time and place. The order of events in our lives and from where we experience them can change how we see the world around us. Our perspective is affected by the order of events; it can change and inform what we see. The three dimensional aspect of encaustic–the depth, opacity, clarity; the order of the layers of wax; the texture of each layer–can obstruct view or allow light through. Each piece can change, like life, permanently sealed forever in time.

Memberships: Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, International Encaustic Artists, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council